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Anno accademico 2016/2017

Codice dell'attività didattica
Prof. Graham Harman (Titolare del corso)
Corso di studi
laurea magistrale in Filosofia
Periodo didattico
Secondo semestre
SSD dell'attività didattica
M-FIL/01 - filosofia teoretica
Modalità di erogazione
Lingua di insegnamento
Modalità di frequenza
Tipologia d'esame

Sommario insegnamento


Obiettivi formativi

The course will be a brief but intense examination of three key concepts that are not normally discussed in courses on Western metaphysics, but which I will present as being central to the discipline: duomining, indirect causation, and the continuum. The readings will be intellectually challenging, though not overwhelming in terms of length.


Risultati dell'apprendimento attesi

The evaluation will be based on a final written test followed by an oral discussion. The exam will cover the three topics that are our focus in class, as presented both in the assigned class readings (see below) and materials covered solely by Prof. Harman’s lectures. For this reason, it would be wise not to miss any of the assigned classes.

One skill that will be especially valued among students by the end of the course is the ability to compare the themes and authors we discuss independently, and perhaps in ways not considered during the course. Students are warmly encouraged to contribute to the discussions that will follow Prof. Harman’s lectures.


Modalità di insegnamento

Lectures. The evaluation will be based on a final written test followed by an oral discussion.


Modalità di verifica dell'apprendimento

Students will be expected to understand the basic principles of each of the three topics we discuss during the class, and to be able to speculate convincingly on further applications of the topics not covered in class. The final grade is based on a scale of thirty.



Each of the three themes in the course will be the topic of three full days of lectures, with different authors or approaches being the focus on each day. (1) The topic of emergence will be addressed through the work of the analytic philosopher Jaegwon Kim on one day, Manuel DeLanda on another, and Prof. Harman’s own work on yet another. (2) As concerns indirect causation, we will read Leibniz, Hume, and Kant on consecutive days. (3) For the topic of the continuous and the discrete, we will look at Aristotle’s Physics and Metaphysics before closing with Henri Bergson’s Time and Free Will (a more literal translation of which would be Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness). As I will try to show in my lectures, these three topics are deeply interrelated, and lie close to the core of Western metaphysics.

Testi consigliati e bibliografia


•June 5, 2017              Manuel DeLanda, “Emergence, Causality and Realism,” in L. Bryant, N. Srnicek, G. Harman (Eds.), The Speculative Turn: Continental Materialism and Realism. (Melbourne:, 2011.) Pages 381-392.


                        [note: The book containing DeLanda’s essay is an open access publication available free online at:



•June 6, 2017              Graham Harman, “Undermining, Overmining, Duomining: A Critique.” Available free online at the bottom of the following page:



•June 7, 2017              Jaegwon Kim, “Emergence: Core Ideas and Issues,” Synthese 151 (2006), pp. 547-559.



•June 8, 2017             G.W. Leibniz, “Monadology,” any version is OK



•June 9, 2017             David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, any version

is OK



•June 12, 2017           Immanuel Kant, Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics, any version is




•June 13, 2017           Aristotle, Physics, any version is OK



•June 14, 2017           Aristotle, Metaphysics, any version is OK



•June 15, 2016            Henri Bergson, Time and Free Will (also known as Essay on the Immediate Data of Consciousness), any version is OK



Orario lezioni

Lezioni: dal 05/06/2017 al 17/06/2017

Nota: Le lezioni si terranno dal lunedì al sabato dal 5 al 17 giugno dalle ore 10 alle ore 13 presso l'aula 24, al primo piano di Palazzo Nuovo.



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